Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Welcome to Shibuya-cho #5

It's a slow news week this time folks, the biggest news (for me at least) are the super cool, but super expensive Ghost in the Shell die-cast Tachikomas that we're getting in. I already got mine and it's totally worth it! Battery powered lights, sounds, interchangeable nose-gun accessories and it's super poseable to boot! Oh, and not to mention, so so sooo shiny! *Squeal*

And just in case you're still worn out from my last Ghost in the Shell rant two articles ago, I'll move on to my newest favorite thrill "Claymore" written and drawn by Norihiro Yagi. Crisp art, big swords, tons of bad-ass chicks ripping man-eating demons to shreds, and not to mention amazing character development has caused me to fall for this book, and hard. Okay, so I admit the reason I even picked up the first issue was because the main character's eyes on the cover were printed in silver ink and glinted in the light. If you couldn't tell from the Tachikoma I love shiny objects. But each volume only gets better and more intense than the last.

Here's the gist, follow Clare as "The Organization" sends her from town to town to kill demons called Yoma who disguise themselves as humans so they can eat people. Mmmm...fresh organs. What gives the Claymores the edge? They're all girls whose DNA has been spliced with Yoma DNA by "The Organization". In one town Clare saves a boy named Raki whose older brother was a Yoma in disguise who killed his whole family. What is Clare supposed to do when Raki decides to follow her? Or an even better question, why does she choose to let him rather than ditching him like she could so easily do? Like I said, it just gets better from there, especially when you learn that Clare isn't as cool as you thought, but really she's just the runt of "the Organization". See?! Get into it! Even the anime (which hasn't arrived in the States yet) is totally amazing. *Whew* Ok, I'm done. See you next week.

Ja Ne!
Mat K.



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