Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Talkin Bout the Bru

Any of you who've been following comics for the last few years has probably noticed the migration of writing talent from the "civilian" world, whether from movies, television, novels, or all of the above. And while some of these guys and gals have given us good work and increased exposure (which we should all appreciate), my favorite comics writers are those who've clawed and fought their way through this unforgiving industry, who've paid some serious dues to do something they love: creating comics.

Among the best of these good people right now is Ed Brubaker, or The Bru to… well, me I guess (I can't really picture his friends and family calling him that, but I could be wrong). He's one of those guys whose involvement in a project will get me to read things I would never otherwise contemplate. I bought Catwoman because of him, for crying out loud!

Why do I love The Bru more than is probably healthy? For one thing, I have a weakness for crime fiction and the man has had a big part in revitalizing an area of comics that's been long dormant, with his work on Vertigo's Scene of the Crime, the aforementioned Catwoman, Gotham Central and his newest series Criminal. I also like my superhero stuff street-level and down to earth, so his work on Captain America and Daredevil -- both titles enjoying some of the best runs they've ever had -- really does it for me.

Of course, I don't wanna typecast the man; he's even writing Uncanny X-Men, taking your fave muties up into space for some old-fashioned Shi'ar Empire action. The Bru does it all while giving us great dialogue, unexpected twists (Iron Fist masquerading as Daredevil?), inspired retcons (Bucky as badass Nazi-killin' assassin?) and action sequences better than most of what comes out of Hollywood. Hell, the man is gonna write Captain America without using the title character for the foreseeable future. Brass balls, I tell ya.

But, as Levar Burton used to say, you don't have to take my word for it -- check out our new Ed Brubaker section and see for yourself. Agree with me? Think I'm smoking the drugs? Come up to me and tell me (I'm the other Asian guy).

- Ken Ip



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