Wednesday, June 27, 2007

'Nuff Said

The price of comics small to pay
the thrill remembered childhood's play
The lines the words its flowing song
I read my comics all day long
Poet; guess I am not. What a weekend, The Big Apple con, then Mocca. I did both, super trooper that I am. The energy I felt at Big Apple was exciting. I have not felt it in a while. Something in the air I guess. I have been going to the con for some years now, even when it was at the church. Now it's at a hotel, guess God isn't a comic fan. Just kidding. Found some cool stuff at this years con. My Hellboy Liz figure, 7 bucks woo hoo. Sam Kieth's Secret. Its a Batman trade, not really a secret. It was really cool to be in a place where everyone is just as geeked out as you are. Some even more, shh... Stormtroopers.

I remember my first con, when it was at the church down at Columbus Circle. For me it has always been about the thrill of the hunt. Searching through those dollar bins until you find your New Mutants 27, (Demon Bear Saga) it was not an expensive book but for me it was the world. I don't know, tastes vary. I loved Doom 2099, first storyline rocked. Remember Troublemakers, another good book. Jeff probably knows it. The deals at the con were incredible and for those with a good eye you could make out like Batman and Robin when no one is looking. Last year I paid 6 bucks for a Miracleman trade book 4. This year it was twice as fun because of Mocca. Now for any one who reads my articles, they know I am not a big indie fan.

In fact last article I asked for suggestions for indie reads. That worked out really good (not really, not one email) So since I know every one was busy reading their books, I did not take offense. You guys were reading your books... right? Knowing the only way to expand my horizons were to admit my mistakes, I did last week. Now I have to take the initiative. I thrust myself into Mocca.

I met up with my friend Dennis Pacheco indie artist of Bizcochito. Love the little book. It's very human, a story of a man, his pride, a dance and a language barrier. It's funny... I asked him to show me around, point out the good stuff. He told me everything here was good. Why is it funny, because when I asked Nate Doyle he said the same thing. Almost verbatim, don't know if these indie guys just stick together or what. So I figure I would give it a try.

I liked Nate's book. I think a lot of my friends could have used it growing up. It's an interesting way to bring a point home. Also the picture on the last page brought a smile to my face. I feel I know him more, you know the important stuff. Like how he lost his virginity. Also on the elevator trip to the 7th floor was a flyer for a book called "Evenfall" by Pete Stath dealing with women and loss.

I, knowing something about loss figured it looked interesting. So I'm on the 7th floor just loving the feel up there when I see Gary Black loyal Fp customer. What I did not know is that damm he is a talented artist. Poop! (If the last word sounds PG my editor changed it. It should be a curse to emphasize my strong feelings about his work) Check his stuff out at

So finally God decided to intervene and right next to Gary was a man giving away these cool stickers with the purchase of his book. The stickers said “I LOVE COMIC BOOKS” which I do. So I asked if I could buy one he said why buy one when you can get one for free with the book. I finally relented and looked at the book. To my surprise it was Evenfall. Not to knock faith but I saw it as a sign. So I went with it, maybe I will tell you how it is when I finish reading it. Look me up if you can tear yourself away from your books

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