Tuesday, July 3, 2007


What one does for survival is amazing. Betray, kill, lie -- hell just about anything. The need is imprinted in our being like a tattoo. The comics industry has been around for a little over 70 years -- still a baby if you think of it. During those times we have struggled with issues like race, censorship and Todd McFarlane. However we strive, flourish even. Why? What makes us grow decade after decade?

I believe one of the factors is the people. Seems kind of obvious, huh? Without people, books would not be bought. Think for a second though -- those same people are the ones who can make or break us. Those young kids become parents and grandparents. When I am working in the store, there is nothing better then when a father walks in with his son or daughter and buys him that comic. When he explains to his young one about Spiderman or Archie it brings a smile to my face.

It's difficult, though, to introduce comics to people. Have you ever tried to get someone to read comics who is not a fan? It's almost impossible. Almost. With the influx of movies it has made my job allot easier. V for Vendetta, From Hell and all the others has cushioned the blow. Suddenly it's cool to be a closet geek. Be proud and spread your knowledge.

The only way comics can be recognized as the art form that they are is for them to be a household name. We can do that you n me. How you ask? Simple, FPers: Lend people your comics. How bout having your fav graphic novel on your coffee table? I lend people graphic novels all the time. Hell, I even have a policy. It's very simple. I lend you a book, you lend me _____. Sometimes its comics or DVD's. I have been turned on to many a band or novel like this.

Listen people, think of yourselves as dying breeds. We need to infect the population with our comic disease. Let people know that you love comics. Have those buttons on your bags. Wear those comic shirts. Remind people of their favorite superheroes. Remember the Superman/Flash race. Just get them interested. It's not that hard people love the fantastic.

Comics can bridge many a culture and lifestyle. Look at the different type of people at FP. What do you think unites us? Help us survive.

- Javier Rodriguez



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