Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Unkiedev's Amazing Stuff

Ever since Mouse first hit Cat with Brick, comics have been funny. If milk-through-nose level laughs and guffaws are what you crave, you cannot go wrong with any of the titles on:

Unkiedev's Top 10 Funniest Comics
You Can Read, Though Not Necessarily Buy:

  1. Sam and Max: Surfing the Highway (OUT OF PRINT) - Steve Purcell, cartoonist (and now Pixar artist) Steve Purcell's Sam and Max is the funniest of funnies, inspiring a TV show and several video games. Watch Sam the dog and Max the rabbit(?), a.k.a. the "Freelance Police," as they run over criminals, smuggle Mexican frogs and pants aliens in Egypt. This high wire act of art and larffs is out of print, with copies worth hundreds on eBay. Don't worry, Purcell assures fan they'll be back in print soon.

  2. The Tick, Volume 1. #1-12 - Ben Edlund. NEC

  3. Milk and Cheese - Evan Dorkin is a respected "Go-To" funny guy, but it all started with this amazing indie blood-bath: A carton of Milk and a wedge of Cheese "go bad" and attack anyone and anything that gets in their way. It's "Family Guy" stripped of plot or characters. Just jokes, bricks, jokes, eye-gouging and gory dairy glory.

  4. The Magic Whistle - Sam Henderson. Fart and dog-nard jokes for a range of intelligences, Magic Whistle walks a Zen like line 'twix trash and treasure. 3rd Grade art + 6th Grade humor = Comedy Gold under the pen of Sam Henderson, famous for his comedy writing with DC, Nickelodeon, and "Sponge Bob Square pants." Fans of funny: DO NOT MISS.

  5. Cromartie High - Eiji Nonaka, ADV Manga.

  6. SQUEE - "Invader Zim" creator Jhonen Vasquez's single handedly created the Goth comics boom with the black comedy of "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac." While JTHM may be the bigger hit, SQUEE, his follow up book, is funnier. Not Goth? Fear Not: You don't have to wear mascara to have your mascara run from laughing.

  7. Tank Girl - Alan Martin and GORILLAZ artist Jamie Hewlett's cult Australian riot-grrrl is cute and violent. Laugh as she sleeps and shoots her way through many a kangaroo with her eponymous tank. The new series from IDW and Ashley Wood will have fans screaming "YES, She really IS BACK!" WARNING: Though juvenile, this is a "Mature Comic." Warren Ellis fans should buy this NOW.

  8. What The..?! - Like Bizarro only Marvel, What The..?! was a raucous Marvel monthly from the late 80's with top creators lampooning Marvel's biggest sellers. Never reprinted. Hunt down the first few issues, as the fake ads alone make it worth the search. Last year's revival book, "Wha... Huh?" was a tickling treat as well!

  9. Bizarro World - Various, DC

  10. Marvel Monsters - Eric Powell, Keith Giffen and other comedy pros bring you giant monsters making with the laughter and disaster, plus many of Jack Kirby's unintentionally hilarious monster comics from the 50-60's. Fans of this series NEED to pick up "Doris Danger's 'Where Urban Creatures creep and Stomp!'" available now.
Of course that's only the tip of the Zoidberg. Laughs abound, but only 10 can be the top 10. Next week I'll showcase a forgotten funny from the golden age. Till then: buy funny books and floss, floss, FLOSS!

By Guest Contributor: Unkiedev



Blogger Devin said...

BRAVO! BRAVO! This young dashing chappie matches my thoughts on this subject exactly. Quite possibly the best column the venerable halls of the Forbidden Planet has published to date. Do you folks pay this genius the princely sum his words merit?

I do have one suggestion, however. Several Comic books of boundless merit have been left off this “top 10” list. Here in New York City is a brilliant and might I add ruggedly handsome writer by the name of Devin T. Quin. Quin has written two books to date: “Robots R’ Cool, Zombies R’ Jerks” and “The Living End.” Both of these books irrevocably change the preset radio stations on the Toyota Camry of Comedy beyond recovery. Masterpieces do not begin to describe them.

Luckily, Quin sells his books almost exclusively through Forbidden Planet. Ask Jeff or any other fine clerk for copies of Dead Fish Comics two thrilling titles. You’ll be glad you did.

Again, my heartiest admiration to this Unkiedev and his truly AMAZING column, “Amazing Stuff.” May he publish forever and live to see his grandchildren fight over his royalty checks!

August 14, 2007 at 2:14 PM  

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