Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome to Shibuya-cho

So by now they've hammered home that this is our annual issue. But I've only been writing for eight weeks, so we'll forego the celebration for now. But don't fret, I have other news to be excited about. Now is the time for Air Gear! This past week the fourth DVD was released, which got me happy like Cooking Mama when you score 100%. But in case that wasn't enough to make me squeal, volume 5 of the manga is out this week with a beautiful shot of Agito on the cover. (That would be the crazy one.)

Okay now, for those who are reading this and thinking, "Huh?"; Air Gear is the second series by the artist Oh! Great (whose first series was the awesome Tenjho Tenge). Notorious for his fan service for the boys and the girls, Air Gear keeps up the tradition, only with better art (which should happen after ten years of drawing books).

So welcome to the world of AirTreks -- futuristic rollerblades that have small kinetic engines which allow you to go faster the more you impact against them. The new wheels allow you to catch ridiculous air, and ride up the sides of buildings. When Itsuki (Ikki) discovers the allure of AirTreks, he can't stop trying to soar... and trying to sneak panty shots. When he forms his own team and goes for the top, will the 8 keepers of the 8 paths reveal themselves to clip his wings; or help him fly?

Yeah, I know I got a bit corny at the end there, but that's what happens with a series I love. So action, testosterone, and wackiness ensue. And you don't have to be a rollerblader like me to fall in love with it. Seriously, I've seen proof! Happy fifty-two to us, and see you next time!

Ja ne!
Mat K.



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