Tuesday, July 31, 2007


One tumultuous and laborious year later and The Weekly Planet's still chugging along. You're currently reading the one year anniversary issue of this publication; fifty two weeks of deadlines, occasional flubs and frippery to be sure, but also fifty two weeks of (mostly) good times and (hopefully) some useful insight, recommendations, and hahas.

Just as I did with DC's weekly event, 52, I've dutifully collected every issue of the WP and there's some geeky symmetry to that fact -- both publications took the collaborative talents of a good many people to be published weekly, both amusingly frustrated me to no end, and yet, both of them have provided me with hours of entertainment.

I look at my WP issues with healthy cringes at typos and and half-hearted efforts, but also with pride and amusement at the Halloween issue, or a contributor's jackass pun or witty turn of phrase. The pull quote from Thanksgiving comes to mind: "Star Trek can't get down with your mom's gravy."

Which leads me to this: Thank You, dear reader. Thanks for taking the time and the bother to read the Weekly Planet. Whenever I get that feeling that our efforts are in vain, one of you guys or gals come in the store and ask for a back issue you missed, or for some graphic novel I recommended two weeks back. Thank you for making it worthwhile, thank you for your kind words, and thanks for keeping the dialogue going (you kids are always welcome -- and you do -- to let me know I steered you wrong on a recommendation, or to discuss your favorite robots, etc.). It's easy to think, "I'm too busy this week. I can miss an issue." But your dedication keeps it an impossibility.

Our first issue was given only to members of our subscription service. It was pathetic, being a paltry letter to those customers, with listings of new books and taking three employees (myself included) five hours to botch, look like chimps, and copy. These days the Weekly Planet's seen the world over on our website, has a print-run in the thousands, features guest artists and writers, and is bursting at the seams so much so we'll need a bigger page count by fall. Wow.

I strongly urge you to use the coupon on the back of the printed version of this issue. It's a celebratory sale in honor of our anniversary, featuring deeper discounts for anyone who can bring in a copy of the Weekly Planet's #2-10, and a downright terrific discount for you kids who can show us your copy of issue #1. Start digging!

Coming next week: San Diego Comic-Con report.

Releasing 8/1/07 Shopping List:

World War Hulk #3
Transformers Best Of Don Figueroa HC
Whiteout Vol 1 Definitive Ed TP
Ride Home GN
Metal Men #1
Johnny Ryan's XXX Scumbag Party TP

Berlin #13

As I wrote in issue #1, Thank you always for your committed patronage,

Rock. Roll.



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