Monday, July 30, 2007

X-Men: Evolution

In my younger days I used to sport a stache. No, not really but I used to watch a bunch of cartoons. Batman: the Animated Series and such, but one always escaped me: X-Men Evolution. During the last con, I decided to buy the whole series. Twenty-five dollars -- practically a steal. I finally finished the series, and guess what? I loved it. Now of course, since I loved it, all my co-workers hated it. Go figure.

Anyone who knows me knows me knows what I'm about. I guess some of you don't, so let me tell you. This is change, growth, evolution... see the tie-in? All great T.V, cartoons and novels show growth. To grow with the characters is one of those little perks we have as readers or T.V watchers. I mean, why bother unless we're on the inside track?

Try not to laugh when I tell you this. One of my favorite movies is "Good Will Hunting". especially because of when the character of Robin Williams explains to Matt Damon his definition of love and what he misses about his wife most is her masterful flatulence. He misses those little intimate moments that only he knows about. Those secrets that she chose not to share with the world. That inside track that only he knows.

That is what we crave. That's what makes us avid fans. When we grow with a show in any media -- books, movies, T.V. -- we feel privileged. That is why there is so much geek-on-geek violence: "Remember episode 25 when he said --" "I know, you mean episode 24. No, if I meant episode 24, I would have said it." We love to grow with a show. Quick, mentally list your favorite shows. Now, think: is what I said true? Did you not see the characters evolve, change?

Anyway, back to X-Men. When I was younger, I saw the first season. It was okay. A couple years later, I saw some of the third season to discover some of the New Mutants characters were involved. I loved the New Mutants -- some of Chris Clairmont's best stuff. The Demon Bear Saga ruled. Some of you reading New X-Men might have heard of the Darkchylde. So I was steaming mad when I saw those characters, knowing I missed the intro episodes. Now seeing the whole shabang, I am definitely a better human being for it.

This animated series was so visually ahead of its time that the X-Men movies heavily borrowed from it. Even some scenes. The final season plot and the final X-Men movie both share the same ideas. Forget about Sabretooth, it's like he was lifted from the animated series and placed in the movie. To see this show was a real joy to an X-men fan like me. The relationships between Scott and Jean, the clever introduction of classic heroes such as Forge. To finally see a cool Gambit was a treat.

So comic people, go to that computer and download some episodes. Hell we might even carry some, hehe...

So until She-Hulk sleeps with Juggernaut again, make mine Marvel.

It happened, swear to god.

- Javier Rodriguez



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