Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I didn't come for a whisper. I wanna hear a scream. Could it get any better than this. Who would have thought after all these years he would find happiness. Who would have thought that the little boy beaten by his father could be the man he was meant to be. I was never a big fan; I mean there was only so much you can do, smash and stuff. A couple of years ago I started to get back into him, when Peter David started writing the series. I love conspiracies and that what Peter was all about. The Man was chasing Bruce. You know as well as I do What the Man wants the Man gets. He would not stop. There was so much going on. His life on the run was reminiscent of both the fugitive and the X-files series. Then they shot him into space. Um ok.

Unfortunately I only collect Graphic Novels. So when Planet Hulk was coming out I could not read it. To be honest it did not seem interesting. The covers was what had struck me. Those beautiful covers. Then everyone started talking. Planet Hulk this Planet Hulk that. So I had to wait. Kind of Like Powers Vol 10. You just had to wait. Or Ultimate Hulk vs Ultimate Wolverine. Wait. Sorry Iam very Impatient. A couple of weeks ago it was released. My wait was over. I usually read my books on the train ride home. This time however I waited until I got home. It was ok. I chalked it up to the long day. The next day I expressed my feelings to some coworkers. After the boos and hisses I reread it. It was great. To see the transformation of Bruce to who he really was showed us what he was capable of. Even he could change. Throughout the course of the book we find out his real name, his sole purpose. He is the “Green Scar” the Savior and destroyer of this world.

Now we come across W.W.H. The aftermath. We have all felt different in our lives. I mean look at yourself. You read comics, by definition we are outcast. Remember those insults you endured while you were young. How sometimes that rage would boil inside of yourself. How sometimes it was just easier to lash out at whatever was closest. Imagine those feelings coupled with an abusive father and a genius intellect. Losing everything you love because of those unchecked emotions not ever trusting yourself nor those around you. We all sometimes need to be left alone.

This was the case with Bruce. Only you know you wouldn't like him when he's angry n' such. So finally in that crazy world of his he finds his calling first as a warrior then as a reluctant leader. Only a true leader knows how difficult the life is you choose. In this journey he finds the only thing that he longed for the only thing to complete him -- Family. Don't we all strive for that -- to find people who understand us? People who wont let us down. So in this new found happiness he finds peace however fleeting it is. I wonder for the Scar weather it is better to have loved and lost then to have loved at all? I also wonder that for his world also? World War Hulk: buy it or the Hulk will beat Black Bolt to a pulp, I mean Iron Man, I mean Professor X. Yeah he's not dead yet.

- Javier Rodriguez



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