Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Small Wonder

We all like to be a little wicked sometimes don't we? Come on now, who here as never once thought "What if I had super powers?" You know you would sneak a peek into that locker room. If just for laughs if anything. Whenever I find myself walking too much and tired there's that one thought that always crosses my mind. I wish I were the Hulk 'cause then I could jump high 'n stuff, like three miles.

Point is, I want to be a superhero. Just between you 'n me, a small part of me wants to be Ant-Man and not the one who beats his wife. The new one, and if you tell anyone this I will deny. This man has done it all. You know, those dark recesses of your mind the part that looks at your friends significant other and thinks those thoughts. Those impulses that you keep in check, otherwise you would be in jail. Ant-Man is that dark mass. He is that beautiful disaster. Not the kind of friend to give you the clothes off his back, rather the one to strip an Ant-Man suit off of his best friends dead body, then go after his girl. Then methodically stripping that friends life apart to her, saying he was cheating on her. Taking advantage of her grief to the point where they are rolling around on the ground together semi-naked. On his best friends grave.

What? I said a small part of me wanted to be like him. I got morals. Never on a grave -- too dirty. Yet I still consider him a hero. I wonder if that says more about me or him? He did stop a mugging, then he went to her house and spied on her in the shower.

Unfortunately I heard they want to cancel this series. No. I know I am not preaching to the choir. I need your help people. I need some unity. I need my monthly share of this book so I can live vicariously through him. If you can do me a favor, look across the room to that computer and email Marvel Comics. Share those glorious feelings. I mean if they can bring Jericho back, you telling me we can't save Ant-Man?

Pick up the trade. It's pocket-sized. Hell, if you ask me nicely, I might even lend it to you. If I need to tell you more, how 'bout Robert Kirkman? Invincible, Walking Dead and a slew of other books. He writes Ant-Man. C'mon seriously you want more, ok? He came out of the Hulk's nose recently.

He was in there digging around trying to stop him, gave up and came out of his nose. His nose. Name one other Superhero who would even try that. No one has the stones to do that. Ant-Man: America's Hero sounds good, no? Anyways people write letters, E-mail, carrier pigeons, toss letters by bottles in the sea, send psychic messages just do whatever it takes to save this series.

I mean, if I can't enjoy a book where the hero melts a guys face off with his boot jet by accident, hell I might as well read Aquaman.

Oops, sorry just kidding.

- Javier Rodriguez



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