Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Whoopie de doo, it's finally here!!! The DVD Gods have listened to my prayers and delivered better than what ever deity it is that you worship. Now before I continue mocking your religion let me explain all the hub-bub. As a child I spent alot of time watching TV, but not your average serialized crapola i.e. He-Man and Thundercats like most kids at the time. I was more into the after noon and late late movies.

It's through these programs that my tastes were formed. Experiencing quality cinema like Critters, The Jerk, Repo Man and Big Trouble In Little China over and over again. One of the most memorable of these flicks were Fred Dekker's The Monster Squad. A group of kid monster enthusiasts save the world from impending doom by battling it out with Dracula, Wolfman, and all our other favorite Universal Monsters. It's kinda like The Goonies, but with nards.

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Now you understand why this movie has been burned into my brain. Being a monster-loving kid myself, how could I not soil myself over having all my favorite monsters in one flick. Now for some unexplainable reason The Monster Squad never had a decent home viewing release. The VHS went out of print god knows when and no one ever though to release it on DVD... until now!

That's right, thanks to the good folks at Lionsgate (one of the only companies that doesn't seem to have their heads up their butts when it comes to horror) we've been treated to a deluxe, double disc, widescreen, 20th anniversary edition. It's got multiple commentaries, documentaries, interviews and deleted scenes!!! I'm so excited I just used three, count em', three exclamation points.

So come on down to the Planet and bring back some fond memmories by picking up a copy, but make sure you spread the gospel and let a few of the young ones get a glimpse. For now all children can experience this classic and possibly grow into fine individual like yours truly. O.K. I know that was pushing it but at least now they have the option.

While we're at it I have to once again mention Fred Dekker's Night Of The Creeps. Another forgotten classic marred by a way out of print VHS and no DVD release. Take everything you love about Monster Squad, replace the classic monsters with alien slugs that turn you into zombies, age it for teens and you've got Night Of The Creeps. Hey Lionsgate, do me right baby!



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