Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm on my thirteenth version of this week's article, having reworked my words over and over. I'm just gonna say that I'm so excited, and being so I've been trying to tone it down a notch for you- and to not sound like such a spazz.. However, nobody would ever mention the word "chill" in a sentence about me. Thus, I can easily say that this week's events and new releases are leaving this intrepid writer in loopy bugged-out ecstatic freakazoid frenzy. On a week that features so heavily loaded down with humongous releases (among them: Buffy #5, Batman comics from Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, and Andy Kubert, Silver Surfer #3, new books from Jason Lutes, Los Bros. Hernandez, and Ashley Wood, etc.) the piece de resistance- Paul Pope's new art book, Pulphope, finally arrives as well.

Here's what a couple of genius comics professionals have to say about Pulphope and Paul's art and why you, too, should be so excited:

"You need this book. It is Pure. It manages to be a complete statement and a work in progress all at once: a report from the borders of comics, Paul Pope's view of the territory before he plunges on into the bush, hacking his way through the dark in pursuit of the new and the beautiful. It's a million pages long and it's going to take me years to understand it all. And that's what I want from a book. And so do you. So buy it."
- Warren Ellis

"Paul Pope is my favorite artist of all time. From THB in the nineties to last year's Batman Year 100, and everything in between, the man's work crackles with an unparalleled energy, inventive mischief, and unabashed sentimentality. Pope has easily established himself as THE comic artist of his generation, building off of an eclectic resume of influences, and imbuing the medium with a completely new paradigm. Whether exploring the science-fiction chic of his comics, or the elegant allure of his pin-up girls/erotica and commercial illustration, Pulphope further cements this reputation. This book is necessary."
- Jeff Ayers

And that's my best attempt at curbed enthusiasm.

And speaking of Warren Ellis, the gentleman author of Transmetropolitan and Planetary unleashes four new morsels on an unsuspecting universe himself this week, all of which I'll hip you on to right now:

Black Summer #1 - Poised to become the next Boys, BS #1 begins an all-new blood drenched, no punches pulled superhero sojurn. Art by seminal Avatar Press standout Juan Jose Ryp.

Crecy GN - Warren does war! The story of England vs. the home team, France, on 26 August 1346.

Doktor Sleepless #1 - It is the near future. No one has a flying car. Everyone feels cheated. What America needs now is a Mad Scientist! Part Austin Powers-esque/Scorpio from that Simpsons send-up, part Transmetropolitan social commentary, DS gets my biggest thumbs up.

Crooked Little Vein - Warren.Ellis.First.Prose.Novel. A burned-out private detective is enlisted by an army of presidential goons to retrieve the U.S. Constitution... the real one. With any luck, I'll be reading this on the plane to San Diego Comic-Con.

What a week! Enjoy.



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