Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Robert Kirkman: if you're not familiar with his work then you must live under a rock. One hell of a writer, working for both Marvel and Image at the moment. He's the mad genius behind such books as Invincible, The Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, Battle Pope, and one of my recent favorites, The Irredeemable Ant-Man -- which I recently heard was canceled!!!

Sorry to break the news to you if you haven't heard already. Marvel what are you trying to do to me baby? Why would you cancel such a great book? I mean seriously, it's got everything. Action, humor, suspense, sweet art work, and the quality writing expected from Mr. Kirkman of course.

I highly suggest everybody out there to come in and pick up a copy of the first trade, Low-Life. And while you're at it, we should have the rest of the back issues in stock, including the recent World War Hulk tie in which I know you completists are gonna want anyway. I promise you will not be disapointed. Don't think in any way that I'm trying to boost our sales here at FP, I'm just trying to save one of the best comics going right now.

While I'm on the subject of Robert Kirkman, let me tell you about his most recent book, The Astounding Wolfman. Once again he delivers a wild tale with just the right amount of laughs and a story that leaves you fulfilled yet still wanting more. I'm gonna guess most of you have read number one because it was given out on free comic book day, and I'm pretty sure it was the book we distributed the most of. So this guy turns into a werewolf but then a vampire shows up and teaches him how to be a super hero. Sounds like the pure gold that B movie classics are made of. Thanks Rob for a horror/super hero comic, the best of both worlds.

- Matt D.



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