Tuesday, July 17, 2007


A real big (strangely enough) S.O.B. That's what the title character of Marvel's The Irredeemable Ant-Man is: a son of a bitch. Whether it's hitting on his dead friend's girlfriend, sticking a woman with the bill after a date or using his shrinking powers to spy on women showering, this ain't your daddy's superhero. (No, that would be Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, also an S.O.B. for hitting his wife, the winsome Wasp. It must be the powers or something.

Remember kids, unless they're supervillians or are named Cynthia Rothrock, hitting women is a no-no.) Anyway, this new Ant-Man is one Eric O'Grady, a former S.H.I.E.L.D.* agent who steals a new Ant-Man suit developed by Hank Pym and ends up in misadventures way over his head, which isn't too hard when your main ability is being half an inch tall.

As you probably know by now, Marvel is canceling The Irredeemable Ant-Man as of issue #12. Now until recently, this wouldn't have mattered too much to me, as I'm late catching the Ant-Man train. Writer Robert Kirkman is pretty hit-or-miss with me (love The Walking Dead, wanna love Invincible more than I do, same with Marvel Team Up), as is artist Phil Hester, not to mention I never had much of an interest in Ant-Man outside of the occasional Avengers appearance, so I initially passed this book up despite the positive buzz it's been getting.

My mistake. This comic is an irreverent, highly entertaining look at what would happen if most of the guys we pass by every day in the real world ever got their hands on super powers. (If you're reading this and you've done any of the things I listed above, sorry -- but you're an S.O.B. Deal with it.) This book deserves to survive, skittering under the feet of the bigger, more conventional superhero books out there like its title character.

If you already like this title, let Marvel know. If you haven't tried it, the first six issues are collected in a dirt-cheap digest. Hell, even if you don't like it, write Marvel and ask them to save it for all those books you've loved in the past that did get the axe. If Spider-Girl can be saved 17 times, we can do the same for Ant-Man. We can even have a motto for our favorite son of a bitch: S.O.B., or Save Our Book. Now let's go!

* who knows anymore?

- Ken Ip



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