Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Welcome to Shibuya-cho

Welcome fans, both mild and otaku, to the newest segment of the weekly planet. Real quick before we get into it: this section is for anything Japanese that you can get your hands on. From anime, manga, and sometimes even toys, we do it first so you don't have to be lost in this brave new world full of Japanophiles.

Up on this week's radar is the new release of Shonen Jump's "Hoshin Engi". Hoshin is the long awaited manga version of the anime "Soul Catcher" that came out a few years back. And despite the time lag, Hoshin still managed to be able to be picked up by Soul Catcher's left over popularity.

While the creator, Ryu Fujisaki, admits that the storytelling is a bit different from the anime counterpart, it's still plenty good in it's own right. The young hero (Taikobo) still has to go around and capture the 365 evil Sennin (beings of power and magic), while uncovering the truth behind his destroyed village, and flying around on the back of his moose-hippo-person companion. With a quick wit, good heart, and magical stick of windy death, he manages to capture two of the demons by the end of the first book.

It's definitely a blast and good for anyone who likes Fullmetal Alchemist or even Naruto.

Ja Ne!
Mat K.



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