Wednesday, May 30, 2007

THE STATIC AGE: Zombies Ate My Sense of Humor

So it's another one of those big weeks here at FP. Not only did one lucky customer get to walk out our doors with a 7 foot Batman Begins Statue for free; On Tuesday June 5th we are hosting a exclusive super special advanced screening of Lionsgate's newest zombie comedy Fido.

I can't wait, this flick looks wicked gnarly. Imagine a world (I can't believe I just said that) long after a zombie outbreak in which the remaining zombies were domesticated. With wild man Billy Connolly as main zombie Fido you can count on some serious belly bursting laughs. I don't think I've ever seen or heard of any zombie related comic, novel, movie, anything that's even remotely similar in concept. Mad props to Andrew Currie (director/writer) for breathing some new life into a genre that's been, how can I put this nicely... a little less than original lately (that wasn't so bad).

Did I mention Billy is gonna be at the screening do a little Q&A with none other than FP's very own Jeff Ayers, lucky stiff. (Just a little zombie comedy of my own, I'm not jealous or anything, no really I'm not, ok maybe just a little)

So come down to the planet and ask how you can get a spot reserved for this special screening, but make haste for seating is very limited. But wait there's more... as an extra bonus you can show up here at FP before the screening to get made up as a zombie, provided by professional make up artist Josh Potter and the good people at New York Costumes.

In celebration of said event I figure I would suggest a few other great zombie comedies to get you guys stoked.

Shaun Of The Dead - Edgar Wright (Director, Writer) and Simon Pegg (Actor, Writer) dropped this amazing piece of cinema upon us just a little over 3 years ago. I instantly fell in love, It's what I would like to call a modern classic. Seriously, dude, I went to see it in theaters like 3 times before I bought a bootleg. They dubbed it the first romantic comedy with zombies. Shaun is your average late twenties, no direction, dead end job having, slacker. His girlfriend Liz is less than happy with Shaun's life style, so she decides to give him the boot. It takes the dead to rise from their graves for Shaun to get his life back on track, get the girl, and save the day... or at least try his best. Lots of gore, laughs, and hilarious horror movie references, you will not be disappointed.

Dead Alive - Before Peter Jackson was a ring obsessed hobbit loving dingle berry (If you haven't noticed I'm not really a L.O.T.R. kind of guy) he made some of the raddest horror movies out there. Dead Alive was named one of the goriest movies of all time, and rightfully so. When Lionel's overbearing mom gets bitten by one of those nasty Sumatran Rat-Monkeys she turns into a flesh hungry fiend, and you thought she was hard to deal with when she was alive. Pretty soon more than a few locals get infected and it’s up to Lionel to finally take a stand and do something about his mama. What's the best way to get rid of alot of zombies at once? Leave the chainsaw at home, bring on the lawnmower. Also check out Jackson's first film ever Bad Taste for more nasty laughs.

Night Of The Creeps - So what if I'm mentioning this movie for the 500th time, you have got to see it. Unfortunately it still doesn't have an official DVD release. Fred Dekker, the mastermind behind genre classic Monster Squad (which is finally getting an official DVD release later this summer, thank you DVD gods) started his directorial career with this gem. You see there are these slugs from outer space that jump into your mouth and turn you into zombies. They take over a college and its up to the biggest geeks on campus to save the chicks from their newly infected frat boy dates. All you're going to need is your standard flamethrower and it's Miller time.

Check em' out kids, I know you'll love them as much as I do. Man, I can't wait to see you guys all painted up as zombies on the 5th.

- Matt D.



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