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Call us greedy, but no matter how many thousands upon thousands of books Forbidden Planet's got, we want more, more, more! There's a bevy of terrific material on our shelves already (I would go so far as to say we're better stocked these days than we have been in years), but it ain't as good as it could be, as there's a whole lotta stuff no longer available, or way out of print for a myriad of reasons. A lot of material we want to get in your hands, lovely customer. Books that are so good it's a crime they're not available in perpetuity- like the Bible. Here's what we're gonna do about it:

Here is a list of books and authors whose stuff we are looking for. Forbidden Planet will only be buying copies of these books, and only for credit. If you have copies to sell, kindly let me know, either by accosting me in the store, calling me @ 212-473-1576, or in print. My email for this endeavor will be: jeff.fpnyc@gmail.com. Remember: only stuff on the want list, and no cash involved, and English editions, please. The list will be updated on the Weekly Planet blog on our websit ( www.fpnyc.com) periodically, so check it often. And bring us your books!!!

  1. Walt Kelly's POGO (any and all volumes)

  2. Hugo Pratt's CORTO MALTESE (any/all)

  3. Howard Chaykin's American Flagg (any/all)

  4. Rob Schrab's Scud the Disposable Assassain (any/all)

  5. Dan Clowes' Lloyd Llewellyn

  6. Bill Sienkiewicz's Voodoo Child HC

  7. Chester Brown's Ed the Happy Clown

  8. Lucky Luke (any/all)
  9. Anything by Moebius!!!

  10. Paul Pope's THBs, P-City Parade, Buzz Buzz, Sin Titulo, etc.
Let's move on to...

Books Coveted releasing 5/23:

ARF Forum - edited by Craig Yoe The third volume of the popular Arf series, Arf Forum's contributors are a dazzling spectral array of culturally significant icons: from Krazy Kat's kartoonist George Herriman to heartbreak rocker Elvis, Spider-Man's Stan Lee to New Yorker cartoonist Otto Soglow, Little Nemo's Winsor McCay to silent film star Charlie Chaplin, Nancy's Ernie Bushmiller to Surrealist Max Ernst. If you haven't hipped on to the Arf series of anthologies yet you're missing out. Why don't you come in with the tam for the big win? Jump into the plasma pool today!

Fell Vol 1 Feral City - Limited Edition HC And Tp- Detective Richard Fell is transferred over the bridge from the big city to Snowtown, a feral district whose police investigations department numbers three and a half people (one detective has no legs). Dumped in this collapsing urban trashzone, Richard Fell is starting all over again and it's one helluva ride. Also- if you're on the fence about buying either the HC or the Tpb, know that the former was only printed to order, and once we gone they gone!

Other Side TPCollecting the hard-hitting, critically acclaimed miniseries examining life on opposing sides of the Vietnam War through the eyes of two young men: Bill Everette, an Alabama farm boy who's been drafted into the Marine Corps, and Vietnamese farmer Vo Dai, who enlists in the People's Army of Vietnam to fulfill his duty to his country. Written by Jason Aaron, art by Cameron Stewart (whom is a swell fellow we love, and was the artist on Grant Morrison's Seaguy, which we love, too).

Books Bought:

Tarzan vol. 13
by Burne Hogarth

Jeff Smith & Charles Vess
Books Read:

NY Daily News

The Encyclopedia Shatnerica

ALSO! New release comics and GNs are Thursday the 31st next week!

"Have a good time all the time. That's my philosophy, Marty"



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