Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Static Age: Read 'Em and Weep!

I love movies, you know this, I know this, we all know this. If you didn't know this by now this is probably your first issue of the Weekly Planet. Either that or you always skip over my article and go straight to Matt McKee's Toy Chest, but I highly doubt that. Anyway, back to my love of cinema. I find my self totally obsessing over movies, especially those nasty, gory, horror flicks. My thirst for an extreme viewing experience can never be quenched. But it doesn't end when the credits roll, I try to absorb my self in as many film facts as possible. I guess if I'm gonna do something why not do it at 110%.

I wish I could take all my favorite movies with me everywhere I go, but I know that's just silly. I know what you're thinking. "What about those darn PSP's I see all those kids on the trains with, they're watching stuff all the time." True that, but there's no way that Blood Diner, Frankenhooker, and Monster Squad are available on PSP. So for me it's not even an option. My alternative is reading, and I'm not talking about The Toxic Avenger The Novel (Yes there is such a thing, and yes we have it at the Planet).

I’m talking movie reference. Horror mags, complete genre guides, making of books, director biographies and interviews, pretty much any cold hard facts I can get my hands on. Lucky for me (and you, that is if you care) we have lots of that crap right here on the shelves of Forbidden Planet. I use the word crap in only the most endearing of ways. Let me start off with giving you a rundown on all the rags (magazines) we always carry here at FP.

Fangoria - A classic, every horror fan I know has bought at least one copy of this. Alot of people talk yang on it because it hypes up every movie, and god knows I've been fooled into seeing a couple stinkers due to the big F. But it doesn't stop me from buying it every month. Regardless of their opinions its worth picking up just because of the DVD Chopping List, which extensively compiles everything hitting shelves for months to come.

Rue Morgue - Canada's answer to Fangoria. I dig the fact that they focus more on classics than just promoting the newest gore fest. Not that they don't have new stuff. I always love checking out The Weird Stats and Morbid Facts for 13 of the oddest real horror tidbits out there.

HorrorHound - Jesus Christ! The magazine I've been waiting for all my life. New on the scene and not yet jaded by advertisements and false hype. For a good run down on all the horror haps check this one out. New Movies, In-depth old movie retrospectives, toy reviews,and so much more. There's even an article by my buddy Sean Clark (Who prints The Warriors T-Shirts that you kids love like the crack) called Horror's Hallowed Grounds. He visits the locations that all our favorite horror flicks were filmed and gives you a little of the history behind them. Pretty rad, go and check out for more info. That's enough for the periodical department, lets take a look at some books.

Asia Shock: Horror And Dark Cinema from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, And Thailand by Patrick Galloway. Brought to you by the same dude who wrote Stray Dogs & Lone Wolves: The Samurai Film Handbook (also available here at the planet). A nifty run down of the most important extreme asian flicks. A good book to reference while browsing our extensive Asian Cinema section.

Book of the Dead: The Complete History of Zombie Cinema by Jamie Russell. Now that the zombie boom has taken over like a plague of... well... zombies, every household should have a copy of this book. They give you everything from the history of the real Haitian voodoo undead creeps to one of the most complete filmographies I have ever seen. Not to mention a butt load of black and white, and color posters and photos. I snagged my copy before it even made it to the sales floor.

Sleazoid Express: A Mind-Twisting Tour Through the Grindhouse Cinema of Times Square by Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford. So you were floored by the Rodriguez/Tarantino homage. Now get a feel for what it really was like by thumbing through the writings of two experts on the subject. They've been doing a zine of the same name and have it all cataloged on their website Go ahead, take a peek. Experience a 1970's West 42nd street theater at 3 in the morning, that is with out the perverts, bums, prostitutes, and muggers. Seems alot safer to me.

Profondo Argento: The Man, The Myths And The Magic by Alan Jones. A complete history of the master of Italian shock cinema. Everything you ever wanted to know about the man who brought us Suspuira, Opera, Phenomena, and countless other genre classics. Tons of interviews with the man himself and many of his collaborators, including plenty of Romero and Dawn Of The Dead info. He's definately one of my all time favorite directors. Buy this book here at FP now and pick up a copy of Suspira (also instock) on DVD while your at it. If you already own it buy one for a friend and turn them on to the wonders of Argento. Everyone needs a little Italian Horror in their life.

Wowie, zowie, yaoi!!! Wait scratch that last one. I could go on and on, we have so much of this stuff in stock right now I could write my own reference book on reference books in the Planet. Come in and take a look for yourself. I know you might think I'm some sort of sicko based on the stuff I write about, but really I'm not. I can be very pleasant. So don't be afraid to ask for me, I would be more than happy to show you each and every item we have here in the store... even the Yaoi.

- Matt D.



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