Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Static Age: Thank you Spider-Fans!

So Spider-Man Week has come and gone, and what a week it was kids. I would like to thank all the wonderful FP customers who came down to our Spidey Week event.

It was great seeing everyone on that line, going down the block and around the corner! Patiently waiting hours to get Topher Grace's autograph, passing time by talking, living and breathing Spider-Man. The real kids (you know, the young ones) in their Spider-Man shirts and Spidey costumes, their excitement really put a smile on my face. Who knew it was gonna be that big? I would also like to apologize to all of you who waited and didn't get in. It was nothing personal, but you know those hollyweird types with their busy schedules and all. Seriously though, From the bottom of my black heart. I really am sorry. I hope the goodies and promo stuff helped ease the pain.

Then on free comic book day it was a spectacularly, amazing, friendly surprise when Spider-Man himself swung into FP to greet all the boys and girls. He signed a few autographs and then had to be on his way to keep the streets of NYC safe. Of course this string of events was all leading up to the release of the Spider-Man 3 movie.

The papers said that we here at Forbidden Planet were having a free screening on Thursday at midnight. We all know that wasn't the case. Oh, how the media can be with their false hype and what not. What it should have said was on Thursday at midnight you could watch Spider-Man 3 with the staff of FP across the street at Regal Cinema. That's right, a good portion of us bought tickets way, way in advance for said showing. I thought the line for our signing was big until I got to 13th street that night. It was playing on almost every screen, people were mobbed around the theater starting at 5 o'clock.

When I finally got in I was welcomed by an entire row of FP staff hooting and hollering, waiting for midnight to strike. The closing shift filed in just in time for previews. That's when the fun really began. I had my extra large popcorn, coke and a big box of goobers, it's not a true movie experience without the snacks.

Now I'm not stupid enough to talk about a movie that you guys might not have seen yet, but I will tell you I loved it. In fact I love all the Spider-Man movies. Of course you think i'm just stroking the franchise cause it was directed by non other than Mr. Evil Dead himself Sam Raimi, not to mention the perfectly placed Bruce Campbell cameo's (this film being the best one yet) but history aside I just can't help but love the Spidey flicks. I relate man, we’re both kids from Queens!

Just to put the rumors to ease, its true I cried. I can't help but feel for my web slinging brother. I didn't just cry, I laughed, got scared, excited, I felt every emotion in the book. The action was packed, the fights were intense, the special effects were mind blowing, it had everything I wanted and more. Don't give me that "it's not true to the comic" crap. Listen up, it's not the comic and it never will be. It's a movie, and movies are meant to entertain differently than comics. Just go and see it yourself. Don't judge it, enjoy it.

Bring your friends, bring your dog, bring your Mom for mother's day, I promise she'll love it too.

- Matt D.



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