Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Your Mother

...Loves comics and SF and toys and manga and all that jazz? Don't worry, we gotcha covered this Mother's Day.

First and foremost on my list of gifts for your momma: DC Comics Covergirls. There's a swanky display copy of this book at the front counter, but for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of a leaf-through yet, rest assured this is one sexy, gifty book. Featuring a detailed history and celebration of sixty someodd years worth of iconic ladies of the DC Universe, DCC features hundreds of full color reproductions of classic covers. And you know what that means? Hundreds of different illustrators! Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Dave McKean, Brian Bolland George Perez, and more all have pieces. And the book's got character- from Zatanna to Wonder Woman, from Death to Promethea, the girl-gang's all here.

What's more, you can add a little treat to your momz copy by getting it signed here, at Forbidden Planet, Saturday the 12th at 2:00pm, by its esteemed author Louise Simonson. Mrs. S is a more than accomplished author of hundreds of comics, notably various X-title runs and Superman. This thing's got girl power written all over it, and isn't your mom your favorite girl?

Remember: 5/12/07. FP NYC 2:00pm. Be here.

But superheroines aren't the only things we represent in the comic world. We have a google of books by female creators mom might like. My personal recommendations?

  • The Ticking by Renee French. My pick for graphic novel of 2006 any way ya slice it. It's a lovely little hardcover by the accomplished author of The Soap Lady and Marbles in my Underpants.
  • La Perdida by Jessica Abel. The lushly illustrated story of a road trip to Mexico City gone all self-discovery is not to be missed.
  • One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry. If someone were to ask me to name a comic illustrator with a style all their own, an artistic voice to imitate and amire, my answer would be Lynda Barry in a heartbeat. Her strips have more originality and self-effacing wit than most anything the shelves.
  • Except for anything by Roz Chast! Buy her Theories of Everything!
  • My New York Diary by Julie Doucet. I think the title says it all.
  • One Hundred Demons by Becky Cloonan. New school pirates (punky kinda kids) do battle off the turbulent shores of Jersey, the new East Coast.

And those are just the biggies, the obvious ones. If you need less known books or authors cuz mom's already got 'em, find me at the store and I'll find ya something.

Of course these books aren't just recommended to your maternal figure. Also, if your maternal figure no longer exists in this dimension I don't mean to exclude you. I want everybody to read 'em!

And thank that sweet, sweet lady what gave birth to you for the chicken soup she sent over the other day. It really hit the spot.

Love Ya,



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