Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Keeping Promises

A few weeks ago I promised big things afoot at Forbidden Planet, and here we are delivering. Without further ado:

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2007 Saturday, May 5th. Here's how we're gonna do it this year, starting at 10am: There will be a table set up in the back of the store. On this table will be publishers' offerings for you to choose from. All Planet FCBD participants are welcome to choose up to two titles from this table while supplies last. You will also be given a bag of five free comics, courtesy of Forbiddn Planet. We're just gonna ask that you fill out a small survey for us. But wait there's more:

  • Mom! Pop! Bring the kids here on Saturday the 5th. SPIDER-MAN will be here to sign their comics. That's right, Spidey will be at Forbidden Planet from 10am to 12pm, signing free comics for our patrons 16 and under and generally acting Spiderific! The movie comes out this week, so any young fan you know, bring 'em here. Did I mention that Spider-Man will be here? Free? Gratis, even.
  • We're also hosting a signing with Rex Mundi creator Arvid Nelson between 12 and 2pm. His Zero Killer is sneak previewed in Dark Horse's FCBD offering which includes a lead story, The Umbrella Academy, conceived by My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way.

  • To view this year's other big free books go to this site: http://www.freecomicbookday.com/sponsors_gold.asp

Forbidden Planet presents: A Graphic Affair with Kim Deitch and Chip Kidd

Monday, May 7th @ 7:00pm at Strand Books (828 Broadway/12th St.). Celebrating the release of Deitch's Alias the Cat, one of our favoritest new books here we go with a fabulous evening/signing with two of our favoritest graphic artists. I'm gonna let the artwork speak for itself for the rest of this one, but I strenuously urge you to be there for this hip shindig.

Saturday, May 12th 2:00pm

Just as I was about to write otherwise, we received a blessed phone call from the fine folks at Rizzoli confirming our signing for DC Comics Covergirls. See, due to various uncontrollable factors, the book's not supposed to be on bookstore shelves until the 29th now. However! FP will now host a very special "Early Bird" signing with author Mrs. Loise Simonson on the 12th of May. Looks like we'll have this book before any store in the country, and hosting an event to boot! Hot-diggity!


I'm very pleased and super excited to announce that this week sees the premier of our newest addition to the Weekly Planet: Shannon Wheeler! The Eisner Award winning creator of Too Much Coffee Man will be providing his "Postage Funnies" in these har pages, and our website. In addition to his offerings currently in stock there's a new, non-TMCM title called Screw Heaven When I Die, I'm Going to Mars forthcoming. Buy his books, they're terrific! And Shannon's just our first new addition. Look for more strips and guest articles coming soon!

So, no book reviews or snippets this from the JMAN this week, as we got some hard work comin' up. I will however point out to you kids that the final issue of 52 hits this week. On Wednesday, May 2nd. 5/2. Cosmically Significant? No. Nifty? Yes.

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