Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Of Note, Point by Point

Lost and Found can be pretty interesting in this joint. Know what we found magnetized to the magazine shelf last Saturday night? An awesome telescoping pointer that I haven't been able to stop playing around with since! Hence, when reading the following, try to picture me looking all smaht and stuff as I use my new acquisition to illustrate my points. And if it's your pointer, you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands to get it back. Or ask me real nice.
  • I know it's a bit of a short notice reminder, but I wanna talk about this coming Thursday night, and our part in Nightmare: Ghost Stories once again!!! Even if you're just hearing about this now, I expect to see a bunch of youse guys at the CSV Cultural Center (108 Suffolk St. at Rivington) Thursday night. We're hosting an evening with Marvel Zombies cover artist Arthur Suydam, raffling off a bunch of cool free swag, we'll have a bunch of comics and T-shirts for sale -- the whole nine!
  • Once More The Dilly:
    What? FP night at a cool Haunted House in NYC. Nightmare: Ghost Stories
    Where? CSV Cultural Center (Scary lookin' building Lower East Side) 108 Suffolk St.
    When? Thursday 10/4/2007 evening 6-11pm. 7:30pm for Arthur Suydam event.
    Why? Because it's gonna be bodacious!!!
  • One of my must have FP New Releases this week? In fact, my numero uno? Tekkonkinkreet on DVD!!!

  • Speaking of DVDs, I watched the new Superman/Doomsday DVD this week. The animation's pretty okay, but 75 minutes of Superman getting the poop kicked out of him is not really my thing and felt like more like 175 minutes. Many of you I know either own or will own/love this movie, but for those of you yet to see it, especially you parents out there, a grave and dire warning: I would not let any child under the age of 10 watch this DVD. It is extremely, extremely violent, and features more death (some of it quite graphic, some perpetrated by Supes himself, albeit a clone of Big Blue, but no less confusing to an impressionable mind) and destruction than any two Schwarzenegger from the 80's combined. I'm a pretty liberal dude, but trust me... This is 100% not for kids!!!

  • Our friends at ComicMix.com start a new week-daily web comic venture this week. While not a devoted fan of reading my funny books online, I fully support the efforts of a myriad of talented writers and artists who toil every day, producing quality work for a new paradigm in comic story-telling. From their Pretty Rad Press Release:
"Starting 10/2, ComicMix.com changes this forever. ComicMix debuts with a new episode of a new series every weekday:
"GrimJack: The Manx Cat a swashbuckling detective story set in the dimension-spanning city of Cynosure written by John Ostrander with art by Timothy Truman;

"EZ Street by Mark Wheatley and Robert Tinnell, a story about action, family, show business and imagination in Pittsburgh; a new Southern gothic horror story,

"Fishhead, by Mark Evan Walker, Larry Shell and Michael H. Price;

"Black Ice written by Mike Baron and art by Nick Runge, an action adventure story with pirates and motorcycles;

"The Adventures of Simone and Ajax, the story of a girl and her pet dinosaur;

"The Demon of Sherwood, a new take on the latter Robin Hood myth written by Robert Tinnell and painted by Bo Hampton;

"...and the long-awaited return of Munden's Bar, written by playwright and Batman writer John Ostrander with art by the most surprising collection of artists online, starting with underground comix legend Skip Williamson. Upcoming new projects will include efforts from Ian Gibson, Marc Hempel, Mike Grell, Trevor von Eeden, Val Mayerik, Dick Giordano, John K. Snyder III and more.

"There's more! In addition to new comics, ComicMix.com allows visitors to read classic series, including Jon Sable, Freelance, GrimJack, Mars, The Badger, Simone and Ajax, Fashion In Action, Scout, Breathtaker and many others for free. Unlike most webcomics, the stories on ComicMix.com are written and drawn by both experienced and new comics professionals, in a format that's easy to read and more closely resembles the experience of reading offline comics. Using proprietary software developed by the team responsible for some of the Internet's most popular programs, ComicMix.com allows readers to zoom in on details, pull back to scan an entire page or sequence, and read at the pace and intensity that works best for them. Every day, readers can also find columns, news and blogs by an array of informed and opinionated writers, including Denny O'Neil, Michael Davis, Elayne Riggs, Mike Gold and John Ostrander..."
Next week I will have a very cool announcement about one of our most prominent new items. Watch for it!!!

And don't worry, there will probably be no more baseball analogies, nor Mets boasts from me for the next coupla months! Yep, no baseball whatsoever. None except go Pads, and/or Cubs, and/or Rockies -- That is all.

Rock 'n' Roll,



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