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It's my second week back and by this point you know how hyped I am about our partnership with Nightmare Haunted House and the Arthur Suydam signing this coming Thursday October 4th. I did devote my very first front page article to its awesomeness, and you know I'm not the kind of guy to B.S. you. As the day nears and we put the finishing touches on our plans, I promise this will be one event you won't wanna miss out on. Make sure you keep checking www.fpnyc.com for up-to-date info on this event and All Things Forbidden.

Now let me apologize for the lack of articles in the past two months. Yes I was away on tour with my band Vermefug for a month (check us out at www.myspace.com/vermefug and order our new EP featuring cover art by fellow FP employee, illustrator and friend James Wrona), but honestly the second month of no articles was just me being lazy. So we've got a lot of catching up to do and I know that a ton of stuff came out that you want, but you just don't know it yet. Thank God (or Satan) that I'm back to steer you in the right direction. Less talk, more rock. Onto the goods...

Dimensions Behind The Twilight Zone - by Stewart T. Stanyard. I'm a TZ nut. So when I heard about this book, I immediately bugged Jeff to order it and then continually nagged every employee in the store to make sure to pull me a copy as soon as it came in. Was it worth my fellow FP staff's respect and sanity just to make sure I got another piece of the Twilight Zone puzzle in my ever greedy hands? Without a doubt! Who needs friends when you have books? Mr. Stanyard successfully collects enough rare info, interviews, photos, and artifacts to satisfy even the most rabid TZ fan. (meaning me!) With a format similar to many of the college text books I remember not enjoying, it makes me wish I could have majored in Rod Serling Appreciation.

The Walking Dead Vol. 7: The Calm Before - Ant-Man may be squashed, but I see no end to The Walking Dead in the near or far future. Surprisingly enough TWD (no, that doesn't stand for Twinkie Doodle) has been beyond on schedule, with 3 issues coming out in a month-and-a-half time span this past summer with this trade hitting shelves immediately after. I'm sure you all remember the wait for trade number 6 and 5 for that matter. Let's just keep our undead fingers crossed that they keep it up and keep a look out for the 3rd hardcover coming out late November.

Big Ole Face Full Of Monster Magazine Issue 3 - So if you're anything like me, you've already picked up this month's copies of Fangoria, Rue Morgue, Horror Hound, and Scary Monster; and your thirst for horror knowledge still isn't satisfied. Then thank the evil masterminds behind BOFFOM for giving us another quality periodical to grace our shelves. I love a magazine with honest views and reviews and BOFFOM reeks of just that -- horror info from people who love and respect all aspects of the culture. With a cover article on the history and future of those beautifully Bama boxed Aurora Monster Models, what self-respecting fan of the genre could pass this baby up?

Thirteen Steps #1 - by Phil Hester (creator), Chuck Satterlee (co-writer) and Kevin Mellon (artist). "Humanity is overrated." Talk about first impressions. Justin Ullrich's bleak views on life as a werewolf without self-control or remorse brings a new twist to the genre: the self aware-wolf. Where do you go when no one wants to listen to your problems? Monster rehab, of course. I picked this book while impatiently waiting for a more popular werewolf book that took a bit to long to hit shelves, and boy am I glad I did. I'm not saying I'll be switching over, but rather I now have two sweet werewolf books to look forward to each month. Or one, if my man Kirkman doesn't get on the ball, so what if you write 50 other titles too? (Don't hate me Rob!)

I seriously could go on forever considering how much I slacked over the summer. But this is the Weekly Planet, not Matty's Planet, so let me wrap it up with a few must-have toys that I recently added to my collection instead of putting food in my belly. Cult Classics' newest series featuring The Lost Boys' Michael and David figures are a trip. Both come with alternate non-vampire heads and David even comes with a box of wormy Chinese food! NECA finally brings us an affordable talking 12-inch Saw puppet with Trike. And just in time for our Arthur Suydam signing (One last shameless plug, huzzah!) Marvel Select dropped two of the three Marvel Zombie figures: Zombie Spidey with missing leg, and Zombie Cap with removable scalp. How sick is that! Next week, movie reviews... I hope. See you on Thursday... at the Nightmare Haunted House, duh!

- Matt D.



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