Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to Shibuya-cho

Welcome back to Shibuya-cho, my faithful readers. I know you all missed me last week but I've had the most annoying cold all week. In the mean time, I hope you found the emergency article about Apollo's Song nifty and informative.

But enough about me. In toy news, we got in some new anime girls including Amy from Burst Angel and a new Neon Genesis Evangelion XX Chromosome Angel figure of Shamshel (the giant, red, mushroom-snake with laser whips for arms). Totally awesome and sexy.

And finally some big manga news. In case you didn't catch them last week, Bleach v. 21 and Bersek v.19 came in. And aside from them there are about 43 new books coming in on Wednesday. A good percentage of these titles seem to be from the Tokyopop vault of "manga that has been so delayed we forgot we loved it". This includes Ai Yori Aoshi v.17, Arcana v.6, Arm of Kannon v.9, Dragon Head v.8, Dragon Voice v.9, Hyper Police v.10, Id Entity v.10, Kami Kaze v.6, Liling Po v.7, MBQ v.3, Return to Labrynth v.2, Tarot Cafe v.6 (though not as long as the wait for volume 5 was), Tramps Like Us v.13, and Wild Adapter v.3.

Now this is obviously not everything, and I know a lot of you are still waiting for Legal Drug v.4, but it's still not coming, and this one isn't Tokyopop's fault. Clamp actually dropped the title for now to focus on the big hit, Tsubasa. And if you want the list of the rest of the books coming in just to check, it's right here. I just wanted to get you all a little hyped and happy for the week. The next wave of Naruto books are here: 19, 20, and 21. So start begging for money now, cuz you're gonna need it. See you next time!

Ja Ne!
Mat K.



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