Tuesday, October 9, 2007


By the power of Thor!!! No events, no signings, no in-store TV shoots, no nonsense this coming week. Don't get me wrong; FP loves all of the above! But I write this we're in the midst of receiving oodles and oodles of stock and it's refreshing to only have to deal with the buying, selling, and processing of said wares this week. And by oodles I mean a googltastic plethora of very magnituderific & heavy proportions. To give you an idea of the sheer scope of new stuff, let alone re-stocks, we have to offer you guys I will posit the following rhetorical question: Who knew Columbus Day would be our biggest receiving day of 2007 so far???

Nobody. That's who.

So, like that Anthony dude Billy Joel croons about in "Movin' Out," I hope you've been saving your pennies for someday because that day has arrived, my friend. A broad overview, with pretty pictures, starting with a focus on books cuz they my thing and I gots to do my thing!:


I Am America (And So Can You!) - by Stephen Colbert. Is he for real?

Shortcomings - by Adrian Tomine. All our copies currently in stock are SIGNED, amigo!

America - by James Sturm.

Maggots - by Brian Chippendale. More Picturebox mayhem from the creator of last year's lauded Ninja.

Heroes of the Negro Leagues - by Jack Morelli (w) and Mark Chiarello (a). originally published as trading cards, now a snazzy tome with a DVD included!!!

Exterminators v. 3 - by Simon Oliver (w) and Various (a).

Imaginistix - by Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell. Their first new art book in years. Rejoice!!!

Yearbook Stories 1976-1978 - by FP buddy and Top Shelf publisher Chris Staros about his formative H.S. years and sleazy 70's mustache.

Absolute Sandman vol. 2 - The 2nd sexy-bound volume outta 4.

Best American Comics 2007 - edited by Mr. Happy himself, Chris Ware.


Cult Classic Series 6 - featuring Lost Boys Keifer and Army of Darkness Ash in S-Mart gear!!

7" and 12" God of War Kratos - You kids love them damn video games. Here're figures for ya.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas - McFarlane Toys does 'em justice.

Back to the Future MiniMates - Their destiny has brought them to you. Dork thinks he's gonna drown!

12" Dorothy of Oz - naughty 12" toy. That description could be SO misconstrued.

Death Note - Ryuk and Rem vinyls!

Doctor Who - from Judoon Helmets to Dalek phone charms, we've got more Doctor tchokes than one can shake a stick at!

Disney Princess PEZ dispenser Sets - I think these are just here to kinda clear the palette.


Christopher Lee as Dracula - Slammin' Hammer Horror Action!

Resident Evil - sweatshirts and tees.

Venture Bros. - Monarch Symbol shirts.

And all that's just the proverbial tip of the old timey iceberg -- the one that's not melting. Just blips on the FP radar. Just ripples in the Awesome Ocean. "Ted, you and I have witnessed many things, but nothing as bodacious as" all the stuff Forbidden Planet has in stock!


This Week's featured Hugo Award-winning SF Novel?

Hominids - by Robert J. Sawyer. In dubious honor of last week's Cavemen premiere on ABC TV, may I present a relatively recently released selection? The first volume in a new science fiction trilogy examines the humans of this universe and the Neanderthals of a parallel world where they are the dominant intelligence. When a Neanderthal physicist pierces the barrier between the two worlds and finds himself in this universe, he is quarantined and studied, while in his own world his lab partner is investigated for his murder.



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