Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Unkie Dev's Amazing Stuff: WGA STRIKE Edition!

DOES the Writer's Guild of America's strike affect comic books? MAYBE. That is why us professional and semi-professional comic book entertainment-type writers are taking no chances. I have heard that Chris Claremont plans on recycling the same corny dialogue and plots until AND AFTER the strike is over, while Warren Ellis plans on doing a Transmetropolitan mini-series off of the remaining works of Hunter Thompson he hasn't stolen yet. Besides, if the strike DOESN'T affect comics (And I think it doesn't.) the strike is a good thing: Comic pros like Jeph Loeb who write for TV can focus more on comics, and comic pros like Brian Michael Bendis who habitually WATCH TV can focus more on comics!

I, for one, am swearing off ALL writing just to be safe. That hasn't stopped me from speaking out loud a great deal lately, especially since I've hired a court-trained stenographer to "Hang Out" with me... and if she happens to write down everything I say and I happen to pay her for it, where is the harm in that? [Stenographer's Note: There isn't any.]

Thank you, Mitzy. Where was I? Oh YEAH!


Howard the Duck #2 - Ty Templeton (w), Juan Bobillo (a), Marvel. Howard the Duck is probably the funniest comic book about bestiality Marvel has ever printed, and relaunch has been a blast. Howard's human girlfriend, Beverly, is getting exploited/a leg up in her acting career as Howard is about to become an internet celebrity. Geez, looks like Mitzy and me are not the ONLY ones taking precautions in the wake of the WGA strike: This week sees two Steve Gerber Marvel books recycled: Howard the Duck and Omega the Unknown being helmed by novelist Jonathan Lethem and artist Farel Dalrymple. Pay attention WGA, and all you other writers with integrity: Never stand up for your rights because you can be replaced, years later, by younger and cuter writers without such moral hang-ups.

I keed, I keed.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash - James Kuhoric (w), Jason Craig (a), DC and Dynamite. I can't copy and paste "CANNOT WAIT" enough to express my joy at this book's arrival. I'll be torn whether to buy the Eric Powell variant cover or the J. Scott Campbell cover... guess I'll get both! Based on the Pretty Darned Good (P.D.G.) Freddy vs. Jason and the Evil Dead movies, this monster mash-up will be bloody good fun for all. You have watched all the movies this comic book is based on, haven't you? Well, another P.D.G. thing about the strike is you'll have more time to watch monster flicks.

May I recommend Friday the 13th Part 4, The Final Chapter (HA, what a title,) and Nightmare on Elm Street III: The Dream Warriors? If you haven't watched em' then "Shame on you!" Freddy and Jason go to all that trouble killing promiscuous teens, so the least you can do is watch.

Way more funny books are out this week: Groo: Hell on Earth by Mark Evanier (w) and Sergio Aragones (a), trades of The Boys and Runaways, a reprint of an old R. Crumb classic Mystic Funnies #2 and kid-friendly books like Archie Digest and Scott Pilgrim and Marv Wolfman's Duck Tales. Read em' and weep... with laughter.


In conclusion, the writer's strike is not to be feared. Current comics and older reprints shall get you through the TV drought, and let's face it... the writing is so bad on most modern movies, who's going miss them? I just hope the stenographers' union stays strong, otherwise I can't return next week with another Forbidden Planet-plugging edition of Unkie Dev's Amazing Stuff! [Stenographer's Note: That and my pay check.]

No, or your pay check. Thank you, Mitzy.

By Guest Contributor: Unkie Dev



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