Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Unkie Dev's Amazing Stuff

'Tis time for your weekly forty oz. of funny from Unkie Dev! Last week we focused on the "Top 10 Funniest Comics of All Time," many of which are out of print. Why wait for said classics to return from the beyond? Spend your money NOW on these new INSTA-Classics ©:

Mighty Skullboy Army: Jacob Chabot, Dark Horse. All ages fun with a Robot and Monkey, the two inept lackeys of a grumpy rich-kid skeleton. The Mighty Skullboy Army feels like "Richie Rich," filtered through the Simpsons, fighting Godzilla. Charming and clean lined, Jason Chabot's characters earned their place in the funny firmament by winning Dark Horse Comic's Comic Strip search a few years back. Dark Horse has the collected volume one out now, and Forbidden Planet still has signed copies! Hotcha!

Runaway Comics: Mark Martin, Fantagraphics Books. Spelunk through Forbidden Planet's indie comic's rack for this gem! Mark Martin has been a consistent comics comedian since the Black and White boom/bust of the 80-90's with his Frank Miller parody "Gnatrat" and notable guest runs on the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wanna' see black and white humour done right for the new millennium? Issues 1-3 of Runaway comics are available NOW!

The Venture Brothers: Seasons 1 and 2 DVDs from Adult Swim. The Venture Brothers is the best show Adult Swim produces: ostensibly a "Johnny Quest" parody, this cartoon is a pop-culture, multi-layered onion slinging warm mud at 60's comics, 70's TV and the 80'alternative art and music scene. Extremely smart, bitingly funny, you will not believe the excitement and depth surrounding a failed bitter scientist, his moron sons, burly bodyguard and their arch villain: A guy in a butterfly costume. Features writing from Ben Edlund, "Angel" TV writer and creator of the Tick!

Ah, reviews are over, time for an interview. NY State Film Regulation 67 REQUIRES the city wide operation of small fortune tellers and mystics to encourage Hollywood to use New York as the location for its romantic comedies, providing wacky yet mystical plot points while building New York's celluloid bankability.

I stopped into a spirit medium's boutique last week where I had the opportunity to interview the late, great Jack "the King" Kirby, X-Men and Fantastic Four co-creator, who passed in 1994. Through spiritual conduit Madam Zororelda we had a great talk. It went like this:

UNKIEDEV: Can he hear me?
ZORORELDA: Yes, he can hear you.
UNKIEDEV: How are you Mr. Kirby? Do you have a moment to talk?
ZORORELDA/JACK KIRBY: Unglub-gool-glob (unintelligible) ...The Twelve shall rise! Cough cough!
UD: Mr. Kirby, let's start with your controversial relationship with Marvel and legendary co-creator Stan Lee. Is there --
Z/JK: Dimi, why you do this to me, Dimi?
UD: Uh, What? Must be a bad connection. Let's try this again: Mr. Kirby, DC is publishing your amazing New Gods storyline with different creators. How does that make you feel?
Z/JK: Can you spare a quarter for an old Altar Boy, Father?
UD: Sir? Jack?
Z/JK: I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your soul!
(Note: It was at this point that Madam Zororelda rose off the floor with a levitating lurch, hissing and rotating, as the windows and doors locked themselves tight.)
UD: Waitaminute, you aren't Jack Kirby at all!
Z/JK: NoooOOOooo! We are LEGION!
UNKIEDEV: The Legion of Super Heroes?
Z/JK: HA-HA-HA!! Dead by Dawn! Dead by DAWN!!
UD: Oh-no. Oh No no no...!
By Guest Contributor: Unkie Dev



Blogger Devin said...

JIMDANGIT! I dun got a name wrong. What kind of replacement, temporary filler columnist am I?!

I mentioned "Mighty Skullboy Army" and attributed it to JASON Chabot instead of the correct artistic genius: Jacob Chabot.

I now feel the shame of a thousand Latoya Jacksons....still, it is an amazing book and you should all buy it.

August 21, 2007 at 2:33 PM  

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