Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Let This Sustain You

Well, it's coming close to the end of the hiatus season for some of our favorite television shows. Oh Planeteers, you're probably super-deprived of your old staples of Lost, Heroes, and my personal favorite -- Doctor Who. I've got just the thing to tide you all over until we figure out what Juliet's true agenda is, if our Heroes kill off Sylar once and for all, and whether or not Martha's time on Torchwood will actually develop her character enough to finally step out of Rose's looming, chavtastic shadow. (That's right, I called her a "chav". Wikipedia it. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.)

Right off the bat, we've got the much-anticipated Heroes Season 1 DVD Boxset! Packed with all 23 episodes, behind-the-scenes featurettes, mini-documentaries, episode commentaries, the original pilot, a character map, and 50 deleted scenes; ::takes a breath:: this the perfect remedy to catch all your friends up with the series before Season 2 starts next month.

Lost won't be returning until February 2008 (How can you do this to us, Jay-brams?!), but we have some pretty amazing Lost Boxset Figures Series 2 featuring some of our favorite characters in some of our favorite scenes from seasons past. These four new figures include: the much-missed Mr. Eko with his Bible-Stick o' Doom, Sawyer on the escape raft, Jin escaping from wrath of the Tailies (and who wouldn't run from Ana-Lucia?), and Sun in that lovely Damien Rice-serenaded scene on the beach. You can drop by the store to pick them up, or purchase the whole set online at our Mail Order site if you're out-of-town. (http://fpnyc.com/mailorder)

And most geek-gasmically of all, we carry the hottest UK-exclusive Doctor Who merch this side of the pond! UK-exclusive? In America? Yep, we're just good like that. Again, available both in our store and via Mail Order, gems like a Dalek PC USB Webcam/Microphone can keep you Skype-ing and AIM Video-Chatting with your friends across the world about WTF Russell T. Davies was thinking when he cast Catherine Tate as a regular assistant. And how can you possibly resist having an actual Sonic Screwdriver of your own? Especially since the production crew was so impressed with the toy, that they re-cast the one used on the show using this model. Not only can you look super-cool waving around an alien phallic device like the Doctor does (Erm, if that's your idea of "cool"...), but it comes with an interchangeable pen nib, invisible ink that reveals itself with the UV light, and "psychic paper" to write on!

Remember -- until the new fall seasons come along to relieve you of your jitters, The Power Is Yours!


*Alice Meichi Li



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